Nogales Highway

County Responds to Questions on assisting Raytheon

In an earlier post, I asked Pima County why it favored rerouting Alvernon Way around the Tucson Airport (see map) at a cost of $31 million rather than gain access from the Nogales Highway to land for potential expansion of Raytheon, a major Arizona employer and defense contractor.

Alvernon raytheon

I emailed that question to County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry. Here is his response via Maura J. Kwiatkowski, Chief Administrative Assistant to Chuck Huckelberry:

Route continuity or having continuous major thoroughfares that are connected regionally or in metropolitan areas is an important aspect of mobility.

Alvernon north of Interstate 10 connects to the central city and to the Golf Links/Alvernon major transportation corridor along the northwest side of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. It is important to link Alvernon to both the interstate and its north/south component for improved regional access.

In addition, the selected route of Alvernon transitioning into a road running southeast and paralleling Tucson International Airport allows the new road, including Old Vail, to become a major perimeter access road for the airport. Most major metropolitan communities have high-speed transportation access along the perimeter of their international airports; our access to Tucson International is predominantly north/south and needs to be improved such that access to the airport can be gained from the south to the north as well as from the east to the west. Discontinuing continuous routes leads to a great deal of confusion and right and left turn movements that greatly reduce transportation efficiency.

I thank Mr. Huckelberry for responding promptly. See the original post and additional comments here.