How climate has affected human history

Pierre Gosselin’s blog NoTricksZone presents a very interesting four-part series by Ed Caryl on how climate has affected human history. Bottom line: warm is better than cold. Read each part at the source:

Part 1: History Is Clear: Humans Prospered In Climates That Were Warmer Than Today’s…Died In Cooler Ones

Part 2: Holocene Cold Spells Brought Drought And Famine…Sea Levels Were Often Much Higher Than Today

Part 3: Holocene Periods That Were Warmer Than Today Allowed Early Civilization And Societies To Flourish

Part 4: Climate Profoundly Impacted Development Of Civilization…Cool Periods Brought On Plagues/Death


Caryl: “The story of the human race, Homo Sapiens, is really a story driven by climate, particularly temperatures, rainfall, and sea level.”
As you will see from Caryl’s story, and since I’m a geologist, I have to add this quote from  Will Durant: “Civilization exists by geological consent, subject to change without notice.”