Sabino Canyon

A Guide to the Geology of Sabino Canyon and the Catalina Highway

The Arizona Geological Survey has recently released a 56-page booklet which points out areas of geologic interest in Sabino Canyon and along the Catalina Highway to Mount Lemmon. The booklet is available for free download here.

The citation is:

Bezy, J.V., 2004, A Guide to the Geology of Sabinho Canyon and the Catalina Highway. Arizona Geological Survey Down to Earth, DTE #17, 56 p.

AZGS introduces the booklet:

“ Upper Sabino Canyon Road, also known as the 1 Sabino Canyon Shuttle Route, and the Catalina Highway to Mount Lemmon offer a variety of spectacular geologic features. Because of the relatively sparse vegetation in the lower part of the range, most of these features are easy to recognize and photograph. Some of these features are common throughout this southern part of the Santa Catalina Mountains. Others occur in many other parts of the American Southwest. This booklet is your field guide to the geology of this spectacular mountain landscape. All of the geologic features described in the text can be reached by short walks from the Sabino Canyon Shuttle Route or the Catalina Highway. This book is written for the visitor who has an interest in geology, but who may not have had formal training in the subject. It may also help assure that the visiting geologist does not overlook some of the features described.”

The booklet provides short geologic descriptions of Sabino Canyon and the Catalina Mountains, and describes 11 features in Sabino Canyon and 14 features along the Catalina Highway, all of which are illustrated by photographs, maps, and diagrams. This booklet can make your visit to these areas more interesting and informative.

Below are maps of Sabino Canyon and the Catalina Highway showing the location of geologic features described.



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Arizona Geology: earthquakes, potash and education

The Arizona Geological Survey has just released its newest issue of Arizona Geology Magazine. This issue features photos of earth fissures in Cochise County and an update on seismicity in Arizona. Seismometers recorded 17 earthquakes in Arizona from January to March.

Also featured is “SCINEWS” a link between classroom content and everyday life through the use of science current events. This adds relevancy to science education.

The new issue presents a summary of oil and gas activities in Arizona. Included within that article is a report on Potash mining. What’s that? Potash is potassium salts used mainly for fertilizers. Exploration is being conducted west of Petrified Forest National Park near Holbrook. Mining is usually by in situ solution extraction rather than digging holes.

Also featured  are papers on evaluation of basins for carbon dioxide sequestration and geothermal potential.

There are also links to new, downloadable publications. One not to miss is a paper on geological hazards in Sabino Canyon. You can see the whole issue here.