Melted streetlights in Oklahoma blamed on global warming

Melted streetlightsIt was a very hot day in Stillwater, Oklahoma, about 115°F. Someone sent a photo to KFOR-TV, via FACEBOOK, showing part of a streetlight that had melted. The far-left blog Think Progress picked up the story. Global warming true believer Bill McKibben saw the story and, believing he finally had proof of global warming, took to Twitter, tweeting to Senator James Inhofe (Okla.) saying, “Senator Inhofe, God may be trying to get your attention. Check out this picture.”

Alas, ground truth intervened. People on the ground noted that there was a dumpster fire at that location. The fire melted the front two bulbs of the four-light street lamp.

The fact that only two of the four lamps were melted should have been a clue. Another clue is that glass does not melt at 115°F (glass begins to soften at a minimum temperature of over 1100 °F).

It seems the credulous will believe the incredible. This story shows the perils of confirmation bias (the tendency of people to believe information that confirms their beliefs).

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      1. Deniers rev your engines….This is not about “local” July The Hottest Month Ever Recorded As Drought Reaches Two-Thirds Of U.S. |
        July’s average temperature was the hottest on record
        for the contiguous United States, according to the National Oceanic
        Atmospheric Administration. The last 12 months have been the hottest
        ever for the U.S., with over 27,000
        high temperature records broken or tied so far this year. The hot
        weather has only worsened dry conditions, as nearly two-thirds of the
        U.S. faces a drought. NASA scientist James Hansen recently connected the
        extreme heat to climate change, writing “there is virtually no explanation other than climate change.”

  1. Just in time “fresh air” from Evil Inhofe and the owners of his soul aka free AGW from extremist Republicans and Christians – “Explosion sparks large fire at west Tulsa refinery” (By ZACK STOYCOFF – Tulsa World;, 8/2/12).

  2. You bite off your nose to spite your face. 97% of published, peer-reviewed climate scientists have confirmed AGW, yet you cling to ideological purism, muttering “it’s all hogwash!”

    Not the first time people would rather die than admit they were wrong. The Soviets plodded off in the same way, as did other cultures.

      1. Not so, according to Business Week”

        OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — More than 64 temperature records were
        broken in Oklahoma during a scorching July, and additional ones fell across the
        state Wednesday on the first day of August, according to the National Climatic
        Data Center.

        The National Weather Service reported that Guthrie, about 30
        miles north of Oklahoma City, registered 114 degrees to break the statewide
        record of 113 degrees, set at Meeker in 1896 and tied in Ralston last year.

        These and many thousands of high temp records recently broken (far more than cold
        records), plus other extremes: floods, derechos, sea level, storms, are the
        signs of the “loaded dice”. Snake
        eyes is coming up 10 x more often than usual. But, we can’t ditch this casino!

  3. Streetlights? Do we really need these for a wake up call?

    Meanwhile, the impacts of global warming are coming faster
    than scientists predicted when the 2°C threshold was set. With only
    0.8°C of warming, Arctic sea ice and polar ice caps are melting decades
    ahead of predictions, oceanic warming and acidification are degrading
    ecosystems in unforeseen ways, and extreme weather has increased in
    stunning fashion. Civilization itself is at risk from the exponentially
    accelerating decline of the planetary support system.

    Looks like, with deniers help, we will move beyond the 2 deg C threshold. We are on track for 5 deg. C. Our children and grandchildren should never forgive us.

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