An Illustrated Guide to El Nino and La Nina and how they control climate

Bob Tisdale, author of Who Turned on the Heat?, has produced an excellent explanation of the solar-driven El Nino-La Nino events that arise in the Pacific Ocean and control global weather and climate on annual, decadal, and multidecadal time frames.

His long post contains 29 illustrations that take you through the process (three illustrations are reproduced below). Tisdale also provides explanatory text. I have read many papers on El Nino-La Nina (collectively called ENSO) and think Tisdale’s presentation is the most lucid and understandable explanation of the interplay between trade winds and ocean currents and their effects on ocean and air temperatures. It is aimed at the layman. Give it a look, read the whole post here.
A free preview of Tisdale’s book, in pdf format, is available here. The whole book is available for purchase here.

El Nino

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La Nina